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The All Natural, Fragrant, Anti-bacterial Insect Repellent Trash Bag!


Several years of research have gone into the development of the formula that marries industrial grade plastic bags with an all natural, deet free, bug repellant. The key ingredient that is used within the bags repel insects, bacteria, and small pests.

Testing has been completed by various agencies across the U.S.



Integrated Pest Management have proved that Pest-Guard bags

are the best all-natural method of reducing pests near garbage containers.




About Pest-Guard Bags

Pest-Guard Bags are a revolutionary new product that has an anti-bacterial anti-bug repellent melted into the plastic liner. The formula is environmentally friendly and non-toxic that is proven to repel bugs, insects, even small pests such as squirrels and birds.
Pest-Guard is the #1 selling anti-bacterial trash bags through this site and it's distributors.

Pest-Guard Bag's all natural, antibacterial, anti-microbial, insect repellent and

fragrant trash bag is now available for:

* Schools *  Parks * Industrial Facilities * Institutions * Health & Hospital Facilities *  *State Highways * Home Kitchens * Back Yards * Picnics *

Pest-Guard Bags are now available in Low Density, Linear Low Density

and High Density polyethylene.

Pest-Guard Bags are available in all popular sizes for commercial,

industrial, institutional, and residential use.

Pest-Guard sizes are ideal for garbage compactors, recycling,

and food disposals indoors and outdoors.

Now you can offer your customers or family a revolutionary product for the solution to their insect, bacterial, germicide and odor problems in their compactor rooms, recycling areas, institutional facilities and where ever odor ridden garbage piles up.



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